2022 Topps TRIBUTE Single Box* Pick 1 Team, Get 2 FREE!!  New Break Format!

2022 Topps TRIBUTE Single Box* Pick 1 Team, Get 2 FREE!! New Break Format!

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šŸ‘‰šŸ‘‰2022 Topps TRIBUTEĀ Single BoxšŸ‘ˆšŸ‘ˆ

PickĀ a Team and get 2 Free Break!!!


āš¾āš¾āš¾āš¾āš¾Ā 2022 Topps Tributeāš¾āš¾āš¾āš¾āš¾

Hitless Random:Ā $10 Break Credit

>>>>HIT= Any Autograph or Relic card or any card #'d toĀ 99Ā or less!

All teams purchased will receive 5% cash back in break points!!

1 of 1 JACKPOT = $450+ at time of listing!!

šŸ“¬šŸ“¬Add-OnĀ SHIPPING!!!!šŸ“¬šŸ“¬

šŸ’°šŸ’°šŸ’°Here are the GOODS!!!!šŸ’°šŸ’°šŸ’°Ā 

(1) 2022 ToppsĀ TRIBUTE SealedĀ Box
Hitless Bonus: $10 Break Credit will be awarded to 1 hitless team!

New Break Format!!!!
You may only purchase (1) spot per transaction! You may purchase multiple spots, but each transaction must be separate. After you make your purchase, I will reach out to each member in the order in which their purchase is made... Determined by my website completed order times. (Screenshot of order times will be available for transparency) Once you pick your team, that team will be unavailable for others to pick. Whatever 20 teams are leftĀ after the 10 chosen teams are picked. Those teams will be randomed off to the members of the break. Each member receiving (2) more teams!

ANGELS-YANKEES-RAYS-MARINERS are locked and will be included in the random team pool! They can not be picked!!Ā 


2022 Topps Tribute Baseball CardsĀ deliversĀ (3)Ā AutographedĀ andĀ (3)Ā Relic CardsĀ inĀ Every Box!Ā Collectors take note,Ā 2022 Topps TributeĀ is right around the corner with another
top-end offeringĀ ofĀ high-class hitsĀ featuringĀ stars, rookies,Ā andĀ legends of the game.
Look for a variety ofĀ NEWĀ hitsĀ includingĀ Solid Gold GreatsĀ and theĀ first-ever
two-playerĀ Tribute Career AchievementĀ set commemorating the careers of both
Albert PujolsĀ andĀ Ichiro!Ā 


2022 Topps Tribute Baseball Cards Box Hits:

  • (3)Ā AutographedĀ Cards
  • (3)Ā Relic Cards

2022 Topps Tribute Baseball Cards PRODUCT HIGHLIGHTS:

  • (3)Ā AutographedĀ andĀ (3)Ā Relic CardsĀ inĀ Every Box!Ā Look for anĀ assortmentĀ ofĀ ALL-NEWĀ contentĀ andĀ collectible insert sets!
    • Tribute AutographsĀ - Varied #'ing andĀ parallelsĀ #'d from 150 to 1-of-1
    • NEW!Ā Solid Gold GreatsĀ - Collect theĀ best-of the-best playersĀ that set theĀ gold standardĀ for the game, with thisĀ ALL-NEWĀ autograph setĀ that sets the bar on its own with plenty of flash and fame, varied #'ing.
    • NEW!Ā Tribute to MVPs AutographsĀ - Celebrate some of theĀ most prolific player runsĀ in both theĀ regular seasonĀ andĀ World SeriesĀ with thisĀ autograph setĀ focused on the select greats who have walked home with either the League MVPĀ orĀ World Series MVPĀ during their career, varied #'ing.
    • Iconic Perspectives AutographsĀ - Varied #ā€™ ing
    • League Inauguration AutographsĀ - #ā€™d to 99
    • Tribute Tandem Book CardsĀ - #ā€™d to 25
    • NEW!Ā Tribute Career Achievement Award Continuity AutographsĀ - For theĀ first time ever, we are paying homage to two greats who came to theĀ MLBĀ stage at the same time, withĀ Albert PujolsĀ andĀ Ichiro, #ā€™d 1 of 1.
    • NEW!Ā Tribute Career Achievement Award Continuity Dual AutographsĀ - Honoring both of theĀ Tribute Career AchievementĀ subjects, look for this sure-to-be-sought-afterĀ Albert Pujols/IchiroĀ dual autograph!
    • Stamp of Approval RelicsĀ - #'d to 150
    • Dual RelicsĀ - #'d to 150
    • Tribute Triple RelicsĀ - #'d to 150
    • Milestone RelicsĀ - #'d to 10
    • NEW!Ā Tribute StadiumĀ - Pay tribute toĀ hallowed groundsĀ of theĀ pastĀ andĀ presentĀ with thisĀ ALL-NEWĀ autographed relic setĀ showcasing some of the greats that made their presence known from the first row to the last, in theĀ gameā€™s most iconic stadiums, varied #'ing.
    • Autograph PatchesĀ - #ā€™d to 50
    • Prime Patch Autograph RelicsĀ - #ā€™d 1 of 1
  • Collect allĀ 100 Base Set cardsĀ withĀ (90) active veteransĀ andĀ legends, along with aĀ fresh cropĀ ofĀ (10) 2022 RookiesĀ (1:18 Packs)!
    • Parallels: GreenĀ #'d to 99,Ā PurpleĀ #'d to 50,Ā RedĀ #'d to 10,Ā BlackĀ #'d 1-of-1
  • RAREĀ Box-ToppersĀ -Ā Tribute to 1953 buybacksĀ featuringĀ vintage 1953 Topps cardsĀ inserted in anĀ exclusive 2022 Topps Tribute frame,Ā dropping in select Hobby boxes.

    Break Rules:

    1) All BASE multi-player cards that are not numbered or parallels will always go to the furthest left players team. All #'d or parallel cards will be determined by a random to all teams involved with the card.

    2) Non Licensed Product Group Break Rules
    Occasionally we break products that are not licensed by a company that do not have teams or cities listed on the cards. The following rules apply if the card has no professional city or team on it
    If the card is of a player who is currently playing on a professional team, the card will go to that team.
    If the card is of a retired player, the card will go the team he had the longest tenure with. If the player happened to be on multiple teams for the same amount of time the card will be randomized between those teams.
    If the card is of an athlete/coach/etc. that never played for a professional team, the card will be randomized between hitless teams.

    3) Trading

    During the hosted breaks, there will beĀ 3-5 minutes to trade teams among each other so please be alert when trading is open.
    You can also sell your team before the break begins to another person, as long as you can come to terms with the deal.
    Both trades and sales must be confirmed to Thomas Biniek Jr. via PM by both parties.